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croatian sheepdog

I hope that you enjoy  our little story of a great human friend…

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The best working dog
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With many exhibition awards
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About Us

Family, Dogs, Passion...

We are located in eastern Croatia, the beautiful town of Đakovo, famous for its cathedral, the oldest stable of Lipizzaner horses in Europe and, of course, the Croatian Shepherd, a dog of exceptional intelligence, full of energy, always ready to work …

In my long life with a Croatian sheepdog, I can introduce you

Features & benefits


Attentive, hardworking, quick and intelligent, high energy and with a strong need for human society and interaction.

working innate virtues

A shepherd dog with a lively temperament and balanced nature with an innate and well-developed shepherd instinct, a sense for working with domestic animals and excellent as a guard dog.


The oldest found record of a Croatian Sheepdog dates from 1374. in which the Bishop of Đakovo, Peter, calls him “Canis pastoralis croaticus”.

reactions that push me forward

"They look fantastic, black pearls!.

M. P.

"Well done to both of you. Of course for your family who put all their work and effort into such results!.

D. H.

"To really see and read about your family's support for the love you pay so much attention to is invaluable ... We only saw each other once and you conveyed so much love to me towards these black bastards. I don't know, but there is so much love and harmony in your SLAVONIAN family that it is a miracle..

D. K.

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© Zetabox Graphic Design 2021. All Rights Reserved